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Helping leaders to reveal and visualize the unique stories of their organization to reach and mobilize key stakeholders. Partner with us to document and visualize your authentic stories! LMS Animation is a visual storytelling production studio developing content that inspires, engages and connects with audiences for marketing, entertainment, educational and informational purposes.

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Damian Ciancio

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Mariano Pellegrino

Business Development

Leandro Pellegrino

Head of Operations

Maria Lorena Re


Matias Sinchich


Rodrigo Jure


Aixa Divito



Concept & Script

It helps to know your objectives and goals for your project and concept. Understanding your messaging will move your target audience towards an action and evoke an emotional attachment. The message is the core of your brand and needs to connect you to your target audience’s wants, needs and desires.


Did your co-workers ever ask you, what was that meeting about? Theme is a natural product of good storytelling. Generally, it is the overall message and the single most important element since it triggers memory and “word of mouth”.

Storyboard & Illustration

Storyboard is a series of drawings meant for pre-visualizing the shots of the animated visual content. It is an essential tool for you to get a sense of the way the video is going to look and feel. Similarly, illustrations include your characters, settings and backgrounds (or plots).

Sound & Video

Sound includes voices, music and sound effects which are all produced, tested, selected and compiled to achieve a true audio visual masterpiece. All of these elements will bring your story to life in HD Video quality.


In-House Productions

So Piggy

So Piggy is a lovable adventurous little toddler pig who takes infant viewers on a journey of discovery …

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Ring Round Circus

A story about a group of Circus performers at Ring Round Circus who visit cities and towns throughout the world and solve their spectators' problems with their talents …

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Foxy & Quilly

Just yesterday, ALL of the animals of The Empyrean Forest were playing, laughing, dancing, living in harmony, and having fun in the magical Fantasyland where the sun is always shining …

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